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2 August 2009

High Google Ranking Using A Trick?

Webmasters have discovered a trick on how to get a higher ranking on google search engine. This trick takes the advantage of other website forcing them to link to the webmaster. They create a code containing information that causes the search script on the reputable website to include a link to the website of the webmaster. This method helps increase link popularity and gets a higher ranking on google.

But is this TRUE or FALSE?

Sorry to tell you but this is false. You might get short term result with this trick but it won't last long. This is because search engines have modified their crawling system. So if you dear try to use a trick to optimize your website, it will be banned from the index page and you will lose everything you have worked hard for.

Are there safer ways to get higher ranking

Yes! And i will reveal the secrets Pro's don't want you to know. Instead of trying to trick crawlers-based search engines, use ethical search engine optimization methods and you will get a long-term result with your website. I will give you what you are looking for there is no time to waste.

Backorder Expiring Domain: Target domain that is about to expire. Place a bid or a backorder to buy the domain name when it expires. But before you spend that money, make sure you visit the website to determine what it looks like, if the content is very reliable, is it safe for transaction? Read the comments, reviews or testimonials, and if possible buy the product they sell. If you are satisfied with the website, you can place your backorder but there is a minor problem. How can you tell if the expiring domain is not backordered by someone else where. Well here are some of the top websites that provide good domain service - Pool, Snapname and Enom. They use a network of registrars to hit the Verisign servers at frequent intervals (but not too frequent to get banned) and snatch as many requested names as possible. Also read Mike Davidson's How to Snatch an Expiring Domain. Domain ago is very relevant to your website ranking. I recommend you buy an expired domain.

Reciprocal Linking: Like i said, creating a link to other websites is very important because it will help get your web page indexed faster than submitting it to a search engine. Join a popular forum related to your website, share your opinion and include your web page Url. Create a link to new blogs related to your site. There is a 90% chance of them linking back to you. It will help to boost your link popularity. Remember, if your website gets indexed it does not mean it will appear on any search engine. So make sure you submit your web page to directories and search engines. Download a demo version of IBP software. It gives you an option on how to create a link to any website you want. You can create a free reciprocal link exchange and Increase you web presence by finding quality, relevant reciprocal link partners and exchange web links with other sites using their innovative link exchange system. Free membership gives you access to their link exchange database and management dashboard. Get a reciprocal link from XHII directory. Relevant Link Exchange Program - Increase your website's search engine rankings and traffic with Link Diary, which Helps you find relevant reciprocal and three way links.
Free Web Directory

Free Directory Submitter: I just discovered an awesome directory submitter and believe me this free. It is very simple - just fill in your website URL, description of your website and few keywords - that's it! I can't believe how good this tool is and still it's free to download. Most webmasters will charge you just to submit your site but this directory submitter will list thousands of place you can submit your site for free. Grab this directory submitter and get a higher on google search engine.

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