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25 August 2009

The Effectiveness Of Your Web Pages Is Very Important!

You know that a high ranking is very important to get high quality targeted traffic to your website. The more targeted your visitors are, the more you'll sell on your site. However, a high ranking alone is not sufficient. Many webmasters have the difficulty of visitors buying their product even if the way the visitors reached the site indicates that they're interested in the products. For that reason, i am going to tell you in a new step you can take to improve the effectiveness of your website.

The first 3 critical points:

Make a good first impression or your visitors will leave immediately. When visitors come to your website, it is very important that you make a good first impression. Before a web surfer starts reading the content on your web page, your page must pass these three vital points:

Your Web Page Must Load Quickly.

People hate to wait for a slow loading web page. If your Web pages don't load as fast as possible, a lot of visitors will head off for a better website before they have had a chance to take a look at your web pages. Consider people using 28K/56K modem to surf the Internet. Assuming your web page is 120 KB big (including the images and videos), then it takes 16 seconds to load the page. Would you wait so long?

Your Website Must Look Good.

You must have a professionally designed template. People don't want to purchase from a shady website. It is very important that your web pages look perfect. You can hire a professional web designer if required. The same is applicable to your link pages. When you exchange links with other sites, make sure that your link pages look attractive. Other webmasters would want to create a link with you.

Don't Use Automatically Generated Doorway Pages.

Automatically created doorway pages might bring some visitors to your site but you should bear in mind that search engines don’t like spamdexing. Must often, they consist of nothing more than a list of buzz-words. There is no way you can get good results with this technique because web surfers usually close this web page.

If your website falls under one of these categories, then you have made it hard for visitor to read your content or buying your product. In my next blog, i will discuss on the key factors that will improve your conversion rate of your website. I am going to tell you how to keep potential customers on your site. Finally, i am going to tell you how to close a sale on your website.


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