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7 October 2009

Recommended Internet & Web Marketing Books

How effective is Internet Marketing?

I believe the jury is still out on this issue. Entire fortunes have been bet upon the Internet and lost because the business community is still trying to figure out what it takes to succeed online. Some people have, in fact, made their fortunes on the Internet. There is always someone who gets rich in every field. But if history is any indication of which the most likely online winners will be, keep in mind that most of the gold rush fortunes were made by the people selling shovels and pans. The miners usually ended up broke.

The publishing world is in a mad rush to get onto the Internet for many reasons, but the potential for getting rich is not one of them. Protecting intellectual property rights and developing effective marketing tools are the two chief reasons large publishers and authors are now involved with the Internet. The Internet is fast becoming the most popular entertainment medium of all time.

When it comes to eBook, it is very easy to distribute on the Internet. In fact, if you want downloads in the tens of thousands, just offer your eBook for free. Free eBooks are downloaded approximately 20 times more often than those offered for sale. But eBooks brings some inconveniences. Many people don't want to read books on a computer screen (although most people who spend 20 hours a week online read the equivalent of several books every week). But just because people download free eBook doesn't mean it is not that important. There are success stories on best selling eBooks. Internet Marketing Center is one of them and there Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet, version 2009 is what any internet marketer needs to succeed online. I strongly recommend their service.

It is high time you started taking advantage of internet marketing and learn important techniques that will help you succeed online. I have carefully chosen some internet marketing books that will extend your knowledge in internet marketing.

Here is what you get from these books I recommend:

  • Web marketing ideas

  • How to determine your online audience

  • Internet marketing strategy

  • Market research resources

  • Promoting your site online, without being tacky Analyzing results, and drawing the right conclusions

  • Hiring a web company without getting burned

  • How to create a good call to action

  • Understanding search engines (spiders and directories)

  • Using HTML codes, CSS and Script

  • Building a profitable website

  • Improving conversion rate and so on
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Mkcoy said...

Interesting take on internet marketing thankyou. And nice writing style too.

Blaise Dominguez said...

Thanks Mkcoy..

Frederick said...


Internet marketing is easy because it flattens the playing field for all players, big and small. The key is search engine optimization. Internet marketing is relatively inexpensive. Companies can reach a wide audience for a small fraction of traditional advertising budgets.

Blaise Dominguez said...

Hi Fredrick

If internet marketing is easy as you say. I would really want to know how easy it is to you. But honestly speaking I think internet marketing is very saturated.

Some guru's are giving the secrets they have used for years because they dont want to loose there clints. I rearly receive email from these internet marketing gurus because its getting a lot harder and harder. I am just wondering how you've made internet marketing so easy for you... said...

Sounds like very great resources. Thanks for sharing.

SEO Reseller India said...

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