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6 September 2009

Sites To Make Money While Creating Your Own Product

I just remembered one of my friends (Stanley) who made some cool cash while writing a comic books about his super heroes and decided to write this blog. He use to tell us about two brothers who are detectives (Dredo and Jackson) which was one of my favourites. One thing i like about Stanley is that, he is very good at drawing and telling his comic stories at the same time. Although you might not be interested in reading comic books, he will definitely make you read his story - that is how good he is. Everyone loved him because he is very charismatic in telling his comic stories. Now, you might want to hear more about Stanley and his comic books but he told us to keep it a top secret.

Stanley used his impressive drawings and stories to entertain us and realised he could take his talent to the next level. Some of us who are passionate about creating art works, writing books or maybe love to design just for fun. This is your chance to make money creating your own product. Thankfully, for many types of products, print-on-demand technologies have made it possible for anyone to create and sell goods over the Internet with little or no up-front costs.


If you want to sell your artwork, Imagekind is the perfect place for any artist. You can easily sign-up and start uploading your digital image. They have different selection of high quality frames and visual interface for choosing the perfect combination. Imagekind handles all the transactions and payments once your product is bought. The amount you earn simply depends your price tag. It is free to become a member, and it only costs money if you want more online storage space for your digital image. You can buy, sell and create high end framed art at Imagekind.

CafePress have about 6.5 million members, where individuals from all walks of life gather online to create, sell, and buy T-Shirts and other "print-on-demand" products. They offer large catalogs of products on which you can print any design. When you join cafepress group, they offer bulk ordering with discounts, free shopping, easy to use design, no minimum quantity and shirts as low as $5.99.


Zazzle was launched in 2005 and it is very similar to cafepress. They also offer customizable products including bags, mugs, skateboards, sweatshirts, ties, t-shirts, aprons, jackets, postage stamps, and shoes. Zazzle users has created at least 19 billion products over the past few years.


Lulu offers an amazing service for any author who wants to publish a printed book including eBooks, calenders, photo books, poetry books, cook books, CD's and DVD's. They will help get your products listed for sale on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Brick and mortar book-stores will also be able to order your book if requested by a customer. They also provide you with tools to help you sell and promote your work through social networks like facebook.

Spreadshirt has made their online product designer very easy to use. They specialize on t-shirts as well as bags, aprons, hats and neckties. You can open your free shop on
Spreadshirt! Design your own shirts and sell them online. You will earn commission based on the price tag for every purchased product.


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