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26 July 2009

Tips on Generating Targeted Website Traffic

There are so many ways you can increase traffic to your website but you must have a professionally designed website and a great product to gain trust from visitors so as to buy your product. I have loads of great advice, which if followed, will generate leads to website including links from other websites.

Keywords: Before you create a website, it is very important to research on keywords related to your product. Assuming your product is "computer software" you might consider search phrase such as "buy computer software", "top computer software" or "best computer software". Suffix like "top", "best" and "free" is very relevant when creating keywords. Don't pick all the keywords that are very popular else you won't appear on google first page. This is because the competition on web page ranking is very high. Brainstorm on words that visitors will type when searching for a product or you can download ppc web spy. It is a very good software. It reveals the keywords your competitors are bidding on. Before using these keywords and phrases make sure you research on them. Use Word Tracker or Keyword Elite 2.0 - it will give you untapped keywords that will help you scale through your competitors or
Google Keyword tool.

Content Writing: Writing a great content requires a good grammar. Don't use complex words because some people might find it hard to understand. Make sure your website is not less than 4 pages because you'll find it very hard to get a high ranking. You should have up to 5 pages on your website. Don't write shot content and expect get indexed on google search engine. Your website should have lots of content and very meaningful. Also include keywords at least twice to your content it will help to increase keyword density. If you use google adwords, create a report of your website and try to find out where people spend less time on and improve on them. This will help keep potential customers.

Website Optimization: For crawler-based search engines, having a good search engine optimizer can help to increase your website traffic. I have been using ibusiness promoter SEO software since day one and it gives me everything i need to obtain top 10 ranking on any search engine. To optimize your web page, you should go for a targeted keyword that consist of many words - take for instance "buy inexpensive computer software" because the competition on this key phrase is not fierce and by doing this you have automatically optimized keywords like "buy computer software", "inexpensive computer software" your web page. Do not optimize your website on a particular search engine rather optimize each web page on a different search engine. It’s a better way to increase your traffic. You can include Meta tags and H1 tags to your page title, keywords and phrases only. It does not guarantee a top ranking on search engines. But it shows search engines how your web page is being described. There are certain things you should avoid to get a good ranking on search engines.

1. Do not use keywords excessive times in a row.
2. Do not create macro media flash player for any content you want to index.
3. Do not use harmful redirects.
4. Do not use cloaking or automatically generated doorway pages.
5. Do not duplicate your content for a different domain name.
6. Do not hide text and link.
7. Do not use methods that try trick search engine.

Link Building: The linking structure within your site and how many pages from external sites that are linking to the pages on your site is an important factor. Join a forum or blogs related to your website. Make some discussions and post links to your website. Many webmasters focus only on getting as many links as possible. Accept links the are related to your website. Getting the right links to your website is the key to high search engine rankings. This will increase your link popularity and traffic in general. When posting text links to your website or promoting a product, you should include keyword related your website or the product you are promoting.
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Website Hosting: It’s very important to have a web host and make sure you have a reliable web host like
Go Daddy. It is the responsibility of web host to provide you with a good serve, maintain your website, protect your website from hackers and assign you with a profitable IP address and so much more. Sometimes people might mistype your URL ask your web host to design a custom 404 error page to retain visitors to your website.

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I hope you enjoyed this blog. Apply these tips to your website and see if theirs any change to the traffic you get. My next blog will be tricks to get first page ranking on google search engine within 48 hours.
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